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International Championships Amber Eyes
6 - 7.10.2018

We invite you to participate in the "Amber Eyes" championship of stylization and eyelashes and eyebrows care. The championship in the stylization of women's and men's eyebrows and eyelashes, and also in the cosmetics industry, the most popular eyelash lifting / lamination treatment.
Check yourself! Win the title of the Champion of "Amber Eyes" International Championships in eyelashes and eyebrows stylization, and the unique cup will be yours! All the winners additionally receive diplomas and prizes from the sponsors, while all the participants and models receive certificates.


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Organizator - Grażyna Kleba

Multiple International champion in the field of care and stylization of eyelashes and eyebrows. Educator, lecturer, teacher at a cosmetic school, trainer, specialist in the field of eyelashes and eyebrows. The owner of the Bella Donna salon in Gdynia, the Lash & Brow training center by Grażyna Kleba and an online store with eyelash and eyebrow products - Lashbotox.pl . Find out more about me »